Youth are 0-24. Any organization that has direct or indirect contact with youth, for example, law enforcement, chaplains, EMS, ED’s, sports affiliations, group homes, camps, bus drivers, violence prevention etc., is a "youth-serving organization."

The scholarship requirements vary by the training and will be communicated to participants upon notification. Participants who do not fulfill the obligations of their scholarship will be charged the cost of their training seats.

If you are unable to attend a training, you can rejoin the waitlist for the training and be notified about future opportunities. "Attendance" for the purposes of certification means that you cannot leave the training for longer than 5 minutes. You are expected to be entirely focused on the training (i.e., no multitasking). You must cancel 72 hours in advance of the training, or else you may be liable to cover the cost of your scholarship seat. 

Pre- and post-work requirements vary by the training and will be communicated to participants upon registration.

Although many trainings have a cost associated with participation, some nearly $2,200 per person, the NMDOH has received grant money to provide scholarships to cover these costs to New Mexico schools and youth-serving organizations. Scholarships are provided on an application basis. 

Our intention for this program is to train large groups to support sustainable policies within organizations. However, we do offer some open training and draw attendees from a waitlist. Visit the training page to sign up for the waitlist. 

To start the dialogue, complete the training request form. In addition to contact information, there are questions such as how you plan to use the trainings, what type of support you have and how many people you will be training. It will take less than 10 minutes to complete the form.